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Friday, 08 December 2017

Ethic codes and hotlines are required for contractors with government contracts in excess of $5.5M and can be an important “mitigating factor” in the consideration of whether or not the government should bar a company from government contracting.

The Codes are also important for reinforcing Company identity and enhancing employee morale. Understanding and embracing reasonable and progressive “rules of the road” enhances efficiency.

McManus & Felsen has unique experience in drafting employee handbooks and ethics codes for construction companies. Joe McManus and Tom Carr have been drafting employee handbooks and ethics codes for construction companies for the past 20 years. Also, Tom has conducted ethics training programs for construction workers, in workplace locations from Brooklyn, New York to Miles City, Montana.

McManus & Felsen has also established employee “hotlines” for reporting violations of construction company ethics codes (and waste fraud and abuse in government construction contracts), to corporate management. Recently, this service has been expanded to include monitoring employee hotlines for McManus & Felsen’s construction clients.

In these times of enhanced social concerns, company policy statements are essential for all companies, including construction companies. Such statements can cover a range of topics, including sexual harassment, an issue dominating the current news cycle. McManus & Felsen has represented construction companies in cases involving sexual harassment.

If your employee manual has not been reviewed recently by legal counsel, if you do business with the federal government and do not an ethics code and hotline, if your company policy statements are not current, we recommend contacting us so we can review your issues and advise you in the matter.

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